Slaughtered Existence - The Art of the Knife

by Goatfuck

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released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Goatfuck Leipzig, Germany

Born 2009 as a bastard of death and thrash Goatfuck hit the road of madness to thrash oldschool
through the pubs. On his trail it transformed to a dirty warmongering monster. The heart of the beast pumps
black blood with dashing thunder, pulping pressure and furious speed through the screaming veins and follows the
call of his rotten ancestors like Ketzer and Gospel of the Horns.
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Track Name: Damned to Die
Blood moon rises, Blood sun will rise
In a bloodred dawn
This night will show, who lives
And who is left to mourn
Bolt your houses, barricade
Or prepare to die
Blood moon rises, blood will lead
Through this Fucking night

The clouds break open
The cold light of the fullmoon
Brightens the earth
The beast breaks out
It howls to venerate mother moon
And with it's scream... it has begun

Damned To Die!

The fear of the moon imprisons the heart
No matter if you're the beast or the holy bastard
Someone will die, blood will be shed
Fullmoon cries for it when it's glaring bloodred

Nine inch nails, nine inch claws
Piercing the body, immortal pain!
Metamorphosis, not to god but to beast
The deep long crawl like a prayer released
Rip the heart, rip the flesh
The beast is on the hunt
He's not revived, nobody saves you
Salvation is nailed to the ground

Damned To Die!

Questioning your own existence
Your life just fades away
Penetrated by claws of death
You abandon to pray
Abjure god, Abjure life
It's time to realize
There's nothing but the final black
Instead of paradise

Damned To Die!

Rip your skin, rip your brain
Switching off your mind
For this one night rebel 'gainst life
Leave humanness behind
Awake in blood, awake in brains
Your head aches, you lurch
Forgotten all the things you did
Get up! it's time for church

Damned To Die

The mean have seen it too many times
Ripped bodies each fullmoon
Whether cattle or friends
Their resistance is broken
No more willing to fight
With empty minds
They're waiting to receive
Their final death!
Track Name: Flamethrower
A simple tank of gasoline
A pipe made out of steel
A little flintstone to release
The heat you will soon feel
Pulling the trigger, flames reach your face
Your scream just ten feet away
But I don't care, I trust in my aim
To bring humanities death and decay

Incenerating shadows
Incenerating tears
Humanity will burn down
Facing incarnated fears


Prepare for the arising evil
I stand for everyone on this earth
Killing and slaying my own kin
I'm Alpha and Omega, the death and the birth
Creatures of shadows, forgotten lifes
Nobody's caring 'bout nothing
Life, the most senseless form of all tribes
Will rest in ashes

The flame is my guide and i lead the flame
Straight into gods holy face
Reduced to ashes even Satan won't cry
Evil lies in human race


The flame is my guide and I lead the flame
Where ever the things need to burn
It' my turn
Track Name: Time to Kill
Pinery the place
For an unvisible crime
Murder without trace
In propaganda time
His weapon is obscure
His victims are so innocent
His love is so pure
His behaviour no one understands

Time To Kill!

Tick tock tick tock your time is up
You will see yourself screwed up
Tick tock tick tock in a sailor suit
Cause he likes it, when they're cute

His father was inebriate
His mother was a slut
And for his fate of killing
He always kept his mouth shut
Was hypnosis his weapon
Or was it a spell?
For his deadly trap
Only he could tell
Track Name: God of War
The first taste of blood
Given by your brother
This first easy victim
This first slaughtered corpse
To build on
Your wooden palace

Feel my axe
Feel my blade of justice
I'm God Of War!
In my bloodsquirted paradise

The Romans in the south
Their wrath on you
For the hostage of Aetius
Their rage, your key, your gate
To pile carcasses of your kingdom

444 the war has begun
Money the cause
Greed is the reason
Blood the price
And your unholy slaughter
The root of your rise

447 a punch in the face of the Roman force
Three years later gaul burns
West Germania bows
Under the shine of your curse
And now you're heading for Rome

At the gates of Rome
The highpriest of Christ
Crossed your path of destruction
Heathendom or Christianity
Was it god or was it fear
That broke your own divinity
Now you bow, betray yourself
Betray God Of War

Ages of chaos, murder and crime
Will end with your fall
Your reign of blood destroyed
By your own blood spilled
Just to be replaced by another
God Of War
Track Name: There is no Victory
Commanded by faceless superiors
Just being part of bigger plans
Orders from high above
Tactical movements for the price of our lives
But no sense in our doings
Will appear for our eyes
The enemy's still invisible
You can feel they're everywhere
Death is near to strike
Fear is creeping forward
And blackens the sight
And as the storm starts
There's mo way save to fight

Storm the gates
Our doom lies in our back
Rush forward to the gates of death
On the command attack!
Realize, there's nothing
That you could be fighting for
There is no victory
There is just war
Storm The Gates!

Breathe deep the air
The last you'll breathe
Will be your own blood
Taste the sweet ground
Your skull will be buried in his mud

Bullet in your head
Arrows in your breast
You can't take much more
You have to take the death
The blood that flows your screaming face
Ends more than just your stupid life
Your wife, your children on her breast
Their war has just begun
Track Name: The Art of the Knife
Deep in the old
Frostbitten and fearless
A room without windows
The door locked in steel
Imprisoned in cold
Chained in foresight
Where instinctive wisdom
Leads out of the mind
But darkness is stark
Now the mirror explodes
And a streak of blood
Is left on the ground
While the dire forces
Oozes out of the dark
In a world down below

Like a dance to the swansong
The Art Of The Knife
Inhuman wisdom
My path through your life
The road leads on
My dance isn't finished
The knife cuts it's trail
Shall we dance?

Your Slaughtered Existence
Shall rot in disgust!

Carving the way out of my mind
Cutting your throat, stabbing your eyes
The blade in your flesh
Every muscle departed
Every nerv decerped frees a part of my psych
Leaves a scar in my Existence
Ends your life
Frees my Existence

The elderly forces, misanthropic itself
The world on it's knees, a joke for my knife
Driven by carnivorous lust
My holy spirit shall follow the path
Of blood

The might I have bred unleashes itself
Lost control 'bout my body
But i'm watching in joy
Through i'm rotting inside
Risen in grim, risen in blood
Dust for the rest and a bath
In their organs

After my final slaughter
And Slaughtered I am
The mind rips apart
Left in the black
Back in the cold
Death's the salvation
For my Slaughtered Existence
The inhuman wisdom
Left in inhuman pain
The Art Of The Knife
The butcher and grain
Now I bow to my maser
My renewed myself
My dance is now finished
And your rot in your grave

My scarred death is near
But your Slaughtered Existence
Shall never rest!